What is VEP?

The Valpolicella Education Program is a 3-day course, highly specialized on Valpolicella wines and territory. It will include the following topics:

  • Valpolicella History and Terroir;
  • Valpolicella DOC Wines (oenological and chemical aspects);
  • Legal and Economic aspects of Valpolicella Wines and their presence on international markets;
  • Valpolicella Wines Tasting.

What is the idea behind?

The project was born with the aim of creating a highly specialized course for trade operators, wine educators, journalists and influencers, who can talk about Valpolicella wines and territory with knowledge and expertise and support the Consortium promotional activity abroad.

What is our aim?

  • Train participants on the specific characteristics of Valpolicella, with a certificate issued after passing a final exam;
  • Create “Valpolicella Wine Specialists”, who will be involved in the promotional events of the Consortium in their countries.

Today we have 28 Valpolicella Wine Specialists around the world!

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