The National Integrated Production Quality System – SQNPI certifies agricultural and agro-industrial production according to specific technical standards and mandatory phytosanitary indications for the wine sector.

The Valpolicella Consortium is the lead body that joins the SQNPI in the name and on behalf of its members. The lead body has the task of verifying compliance with the requirements of the SQNPI through documental checks and field inspections with relative analyses. The Control Body - SIQURIA is grafted into this control system to verify the entire certification process with further verifications and field checks.


The main goals of the SQNPI are:

  • To build an integrated production protocol that could also be applied in other Veneto and/or Italian wine-growing areas;
  • To build a training and information programme for producers applicable to other wine-growing areas;
  • To create a new image of the wine-growing activity that is more responsive to social needs;
  • To build an extra element of profitability of the bottle in order to implement the necessary marginality for the livelihood of small and medium-sized companies;
  • To draw an image of wholesomeness of the wine produced by the exclusion, in plant protection, of active ingredients that can leave dangerous traces.



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