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Il vino è espressione della cultura materica, sensoriale, storica e poetica di un territorio.


Wine is an expression of culture, senses, history and poetry of the land. This has been the guiding philosophy since 1992, of brothers Pier Paolo and Stefano, when producing wine.
Pesticides and herbicides are avoided, beginning with the vine itself. Antolini wines observe, identify and enhance the natural qualities of the land. Both the wines and the company reflect the nature and characteristics of Valpolicella Classica, a land historically suited to viticulture.

When you listen to Pier Paolo talking about his wine, you can feel the passion which guides him through his profession; part businessman, part winegrower, part farmer, and his brother’s tenacity in maintaining farming habits which are typical to the area. In particular “marogne”- traditional stone walls that have been used for centuries and permit farming on slopes and hills without the danger of landslides, but need continual maintenance.

Antolini vineyards are positioned at a height of 150-350 meters above sea level in the hilly towns of Marano, San Pietro and Negrar. The soil is prevalently clayey, thus permitting sufficient moisture for the vine roots without the use of an irrigation system. When strolling through the vines you breath in the history, culture and habits of the Valpolicella countryside, and on leaving, a piece of this land, which has produced wine since Roman times, will have found a place in your heart.



The Antolini farm was founded in 1992 as a supplier of grapes, harvested in its own vineyards, for the Valpolicella Classica cellars. In the early 2000s, the brothers Pier Paolo and Stefano decided to produce wine with their own label: the first bottle of Amarone Antolini came from the 2001 harvest. Over the years, the Antolini brothers enriched the land heritage inherited from their father, buying a vineyard on the hills of the Negrar valley and one at the foot of the hills in the municipality of San Pietro in Cariano. Today the Antolini vineyards cover an area of 9 hectares.



The Antolini company is family-run and follows its wines from the vine to the bottle. The grapes come from Antolini's vineyards and they are harvested by this family, then transformed into wines that are aged in the barrels of their own cellar, in woods of different essences chosen by Pier Paolo to enhance the genuinely "Valpolicella" profile of his products. For many years Antolini has been a member of FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) with which he shares the desire to protect and promote all the Italian winegrowers who take care of the entire production of their wines, from the roots of the vines.


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Antolini Pier Paolo e Stefano società agricola s.s.
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