Consorzio Valpolicella organises workshop for representatives of Russia's most important wine importers.

11th September 2013 - The three-day programme of workshops organised by Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella for Russian buyers from the country's most important wine importers will conclude today. Participants were given the chance to get to know the member wineries, the characteristics of the Valpolicella region and local cuisine through food and wine matching workshops and a seminar on the various terroir and microclimates found within the Valpolicella appellation. Yesterday at the Byblos Hotel in Corrubbio di Negarine, guests enjoyed a blind tasting of the various types of wine made in the Valpolicella appellation offered by the 18 member wineries that participated in the project.

Data on the market share of Italian wines on foreign markets in 2013 based on sales of 750ml bottles of still red wine available through retail channels in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Russia, UK and USA show that of the Italian wines sold, 33% were DOC, 32% DOCG and 26% IGT and VDT. Of these, Valpolicella accounts for 5%, and Amarone and Recioto together account for 4%. A slight decrease of 3.1% was recorded for Valpolicella whilst sales of Amarone and Recioto increased by 4.5% In the same period.

Looking at the Russian market, Valpolicella accounts for 7% of Italian wines sold in mass distribution channels, whilst Amarone and Recioto account for only 0.2% confirming that these types of wines are sold in specialist wine shops and through the on-trade. Of the Valpolicella wines sold, Valpolicella DOC represents 58% of the total followed by Valpolicella Classico with 36% (an upward trend) and Valpolicella Superiore with 6%.

Experts consider the Russian wine market to be one of the most dynamic in the world. In recent years, consumption and sales of wine have increased by 15% and 25% respectively with foreign still red wines accounting for 60% of imports confirming the Russian wine consumers’ preference for this type of product.