The Italian stamp that pays homage to Amarone has started its travels

The Italian stamp that pays homage to Amarone has started its travels on envelopes and packages at home and abroad.

Foto dell'evento

Negrar 18th October 2013 - Recognisable by a bunch of Corvina grapes, the stamp dedicated to Amarone produced by Poste Italiane has started its journey on envelopes and packages around Italy and abroad. The Amarone stamp is one of 15 stamps produced to honour Italian DOCG wines in the “Made in Italy” series dedicated to Italy’s most prestigious food and wine products.

To mark the occasion, the Post office of Negrar (in the Valpolicella Classica area) was given a special cancellation by Poste Italiane to mark the issue which was christened by Daniele Accordini, vice-president of the Consorzio Valpolicella, Giorgio Dal Negro mayor of Negrar, Gianfranco Bedendo director of the Italian post office for the province of Verona and Paolo Zantedeschi director of the Post Office of Negrar.

«Amarone is one of the jewels of this area» said the mayor of Negrar, hoping that the image of the vine on the stamp will help to spread the name of Valpolicella across the globe. Regarding Italy and especially foreign countries, continued Daniele Accordini, «we are proud that Amarone is considered to be one of Italy's most prestigious products». He also added, «It is a wine that embodies history as its origins date back to Roman times and tradition as it is made with the appassimento technique. It is easily recognizable because of the local grapes that are used to produce it and which link it with the area, a link which can be explored and promoted through wine tourism».

The stamps were printed by the Polygraphic institute and State Mint using rotogravure on white, 90g/m2, non-fluorescent self-adhesive paper with neutral coating. They are available on sheets of 25cm x 14.7cm with three columns for a value per sheet of 10.50 euro. Each stamp has been produced in 1 million copies. The sketch on the stamp of the Amarone della Valpolicella was created by Maria Carmela Perrini. To supplement the issue, an illustrative bulletin with an article signed by Nunzia di Girolamo, Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies is available. The stamps will be on sale in post offices and counters across the country and the ‘Spazio Filatelia’ in Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Trieste, Turin, Genoa and on the website

In the group photo : Daniele Accordini, Giorgio Dal Negro, Paolo Zantedeschi and Gianfranco Bedendo.