The Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella will receive an "eco-friendly wine production area" during the Merano Wine Fedtival for its "Reduce, Save, Respect" projects that promotes sustainable viticulture.

San Pietro in Cariano 22th October 2013 - The guide Touring Vini Buoni d'Italia and Veralia, will present the prestigious award to the President of the consortium Christian Marchesini during a ceremony on Saturday 9th November at 10.30 in the Teatro Puccini adjacent to the Kurhaus where the Merano Wine Festival will be held.

The Consorzio Valpolicella has been a pioneer in sustainable viticulture investing significant resources in the project "Riduce, Risparmia, Rispetta" (reduce, save, respect) for several years. The project consists of a number of actions that follow the philosophy of developing eco-sustainability in local wine production. These protect both the quality of the area and the relationships with the local economy, improve the quality of the wine and also raise consumer awareness on environmental issues. The activities are not limited to only technical aspects but also involve the safeguard policies of the Valpolicella appellation and consist in a series of projects carried out to promote the correct use of pesticides as laid out by European regulations. The Consorzio has also carried out training sessions on the use of crop dusters to control and manage foliage as well as conferences on the prevention of environmental pollution and on the use of biodiversity to control pests. This year, the innovative practice of "mating disruption" to control pests (notably the feared vine moth) was also adopted. This natural method foresees the spraying of pheromones in the vineyard that confuse insects and impede reproduction therefore protecting the vines.

The President of the Consorzio di Tutela Valpolicella Christian Marchesini said, "Sustainability of viticulture in the Valpolicella is the mid term aim of the Consorzio. This involves greater awareness and involvement from the producers in the protection of the area so that the production procedures adhere to an ethical code which then adds further value to our appellation".