Aldegheri srl of Sant’Ambroggio is not in anyway involved in the seizure of red grapes by the Food Department of the Police service

San Pietro In Cariano, 25th November 2013

This clarification follows news that 80 tons of red grapes were seized by the Food department of the Police service of Padua, thus thwarting fraudulent activity by a producer set to sell the wines under the Valpolicella appellation without fulfilling the conditions set out in the production regulations.

As already stated by the Consorzio Tutela Vino Valpolicella, the persons involved in this criminal activity, are owners of a company based in Tregnago, to the East of Verona and are not members of the consortium. An unfortunate similarity in name has lead them to be confused with the Aldegheri srl winery of Sant’Ambroggio which has no part in the affair.

The Consorzio Valpolicella reiterates the non-involvement of its member producer Aldegheri srl of Sant’Ambrogio in the incident. Aldegheri srl has always carried out its activities according to the norms set out by the production regulations, producing high quality wines which are included in some of the most important wine guides in Italy.