Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella elects a new board of gouvernors and confirms Christian Marchesini as President for the next 3 years

San Pietro In Cariano, 30th May 2014

The Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella’s new board of gouvernors yesterday unanimously confirmed Christian Marchesini as president for the next three years with Marco Sartori and Daniele Accordini as Vice-Presidents.

Sitting on the new board of gouvernors are Sergio Andreoli, Mauro Bustaggi, Elena Coati, Luca Degani, Paolo Fiorini, Lucio Furia, Celestino Gaspari, Andrea Lonardi, Giuseppe Nicolis, Andrea Sartori, Christian Scrinzi and Vittorio Zardini.

The Valpolicella is the Veneto region’s second designation of production both in terms of vineyard area and production, second only to Prosecco. The area has a gross saleable production per hectare which is one of the highest in Italy reaching €18,000 – €20,000 per hectare for the last vintage. The value of the land has increased and according to research carried out by Assoenologi, today can command a price of €500,000 - €550,000 per hectare. The vineyards of the Valpolicella have grown reaching 7,300 hectares with the harvest of 2013.

This represents 25% of the vineyards of the province of Verona and 10% of the vineyards in the Veneto region. The figure will increase despite the block the Consortium requested from the Regione Veneto which was awarded until 2016. 

The data confirm that the 2013 harvest saw 84,200tonnes of grapes of which 30,300 tonnes were allocated for appassimento to make Amarone and Recioto. "(The Valpolicella) is the leading appellation in the Veneto in terms of the numbers of wineries bottling wines (272)", said Marchesini”, "2013 finished with a substantial stabilization in the amount of Amarone and Recioto bottled (up just 3%), with a slight increase in Ripasso (up 5%) and a clear decrease in Valpolicella (down 11%) thanks to the success of Ripasso which is now produced in almost twice the amount of Amarone. Together the appellations cover 60m bottles of wines of which 80% are exported.

Our efforts will continue, as in the past three years, to promote the appellations and the area of production investing in particular in the training of wine producers on avantgard integrated pest control that are giving us great results and add value to our wines that are synonymous with quality on all markets around the globe".

Presidente Christian Marchesini